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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Team Ghost Shell is back with a Vengeance!

Wow, I am not getting any sleep tonight at all! Just saw that "Team Ghost Shell" the legendary hacker organization is back and boy have they struck with a vengeance! So what makes an organization like TGS legendary... 1) They don't get caught! Two, they don't make mistakes, three, they don't use kiddy scripts...This is the real deal! a quick look at what they are hacking...bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, NJ Education, Japan websites...wow!

This team is the real deal! If you are a news agency...then this is the one real hacker group you want to follow...They are smart, real deal, not some denial of service, they are hactivists...and yeah in the world of hacking they are the best!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Own a piece of the Sunsphere for $5

Own a small piece of history for only $5.00  You will get one small display casing with shattered glass from the Sunsphere. I have included a photo below of what the item looks like and video of the event which produced the shattered glass. Email me at politicalleverage@gmail.com for more details. Shipping and handling not included. About the glass. I first went to the City of Knoxville. They sent me to the Public Building Authority. Then it was determined that since Icon's insurance policy paid for the glass, it was Icon's. So the owner said I could have the glass.  So this is 100% legal.