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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sneaky tricks by the government to snoop on us?

OK, two thoughts. First, if any federal government knew of the Shell Shock Bash Bug and didn't do anything then they should be fired and jailed. Many researchers are calling this worse then the Heart Bleed bug!


So anyway, I think I might have virtually reversed engineered another interesting trick that spy agencies and hackers can play on the public using a "Faraday cage" device.

Check this out. So many brands love to advertise how well they protect against signal strength...but what if hackers, government officials, foreign espionage companies put m malware on your phone that when the phone completely disconnects, it goes into silent record mode?

Now let's all think about this a second. If someone places their cellphone in a Faraday cage, then they might have something to hide or keep secret. So when the phone gets disconnected from all forms of communication, it still remains on. So how east would it be to put malware on a phone that turns on recorder when all forms of signal strength rapidly hit zero? So the computer saves the conversation and when the product comes out of the Faraday cage... it simply rapid uploads the taped conversation to whoever.

So I am thinking the main work around for this is to almost make a soundproof box or test the recorder in the device you have. Place device in refrigerator...or get a Vysk....

I am not an expert so don't take this information as fact. Only as an idea open for discussion.