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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fake cell towers and a possible work around...

So the fake cellphone towers have really gotten to me. I mean  so called secure phones really aren't as secure as one would hope. So I might have found an interesting work around to the problem. Use an Apple touch Ipod. Then get a service like Silent Circle, that allows an encrypted calling plan over voice over internet protocol. Then for added safety, get a Silent Pocket to ensure that you don't have remote start up...and then use clean wifi signals to make encrypted calls over the net. That way you avoid the base cell tower all together.  Also upgrade to the latest version of Apple.

Please note, I am not an expert on security. This is just a thought. Please use caution when implementing security protocol and go under the assumption nothing is safe.
Any thoughts?

Yesterday's encryption, just might have gotten you killed

OK, when I started this project, I thought it would be simple. Find a couple "White Hats" (the good guys) update the outdated information for internet security on the SPJ toolbox...and find a new project. Easy right? Heck no! First off, the technology game is changing everyday.  Second off, organizations that are supposedly protecting journalists might be harming them. Finally, we get told by certain "encryption privacy companies "no back doors for the government to get your information..." and then we read how rogue cell towers that are fake and pretty easy to make can scoop all your data.  To top it all off, we  as journalists are suppose to believe that Eric Snowden, who is literally on executive boards to protect journalists....is protecting journalists. Huh? Snowden said to use the Tor Project.  http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2014/03/10/tor-snowden-sxsw/6263157/  So how did that go? Not good... http://www.idigitaltimes.com/best-alternatives-tor-12-programs-use-nsa-hackers-compromised-tor-project-376976 But wait it gets better. Remember Snowden on TrueCrypt? http://www.wired.com/2014/05/truecrypt/

So who do you trust if your a journalist? You start out at "Journalist Zero." That is the point where a journalist trusts zero people including me.  I am not an expert in the field of encryption. I do not give advice. I look for advice from the smartest people and hope to make a difference. Plus experts in the field have been way off.  However, the good news is more and more people are crowd researching and making encryption and encryption ideas stronger. We are currently in Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. Weak encryption is getting destroyed on the daily.
Plus weak security features are being challenged daily.

So here is what I am doing. I am searching for the best information ro give journalists on a daily basis. I am trying to sift through the hype and the real. What works and what doesn't.

I am trying to think outside the box.

I am trying to save lives. The lives of journalists and their sources.

Slowly but very carefully I have created a network of the most brilliant minds on the planet involving security. I have developed a list of  "White Hats."  I will do everything I can to protect our sources and our journalists.