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Saturday, September 27, 2014

South Doyle High School and what it means to me...

So earlier in the week my editor said to me "You can cover any game you want in Knox County Friday night, look over the list and get back to me." I immediately responded... "I'm going to South Doyle." The crowd is amazing and if I am going to be out on a Friday night, I want to be where the energy is. With the exception of the Farragut Admirals student section, I will be honest. I can't think of any school that is really blowing me away. Look, if you think I am wrong, prove me wrong, tell me to come to your school. Show me your passion for the game, the school name, and build your legacy like the vaunted South Doyle student section  is doing!
   Things got so crazy, so amazing, so awesome, that Commissioner Mike Brown got a picture with the student section and he was so pumped! Bragging and beaming showing the pride, and just so proud to be part of something so amazing!

Look, I live out in Concord, Tn. On the Knox/Loudon County. I am from New York, and for years I heard of the "legendary high school football fan base." However, I hardly ever saw it. I love the game of football. I love the game of sport. But most of all, as a photographer that covers everything from the White House to local barber shop ribbon cuttings, I love passion!!!! I love seeing people passionate, determined, I love taking pictures of energetic situations...That is what makes a good photo and to be honest that is what keeps me in business.

So, I conclude in my personal letter saying this. Why did I go to South Doyle? Well, I would rather travel almost an hour to cover a team/student section/ and community  that resonates with passion, pride, and energy, throughout the game...then attend a game 10-20-30 minutes away where the student section shows up...but the passion, integrity, and pride does not!

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