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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Why do I want the #jestersphone so bad. Seriously, Google "FBI+ Knoxville+Investigation." and look at the section of news! So a lot of people want the #Jestersphone." But I got a couple "historic" encryption articles of my own I would like to donate to the museum. As an original believer in Silent Circle I was one of the few journalists that covered the start of Silent Circle http://www.knoxfocus.com/2012/10/five-questions-with-silent-circle/   So what do we got? An original signed brochure by Phil Zimmerman Mike Janke and Vic Hyder. An original baseball cap. Finally a personal thank you letter from Christine Blake an original member of the PR team.  If I receive the Black Phone, I will donate this to the Spy Museum...

In conclusion I bleed encryption. Have been covering and writing about it for years. If you believe as strongly in encryption as I do... You will select me for this prestigious award . Sincerely , Journalist Zero! Dan Andrews