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Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to prevent remote spying on your phone for under ten cents

Yes two rubber bands some black electrical tape and we are all good!  First, create a slide on slide off camera cover for front and back. To do that we simply place the rubberband horizontally. We place the electrical tape VERTICALLY! Next, add a lot of tape to the second rubberband in one specific spot.  Now simply place the rubberband over the case going VERTICALLY! Now line up the black electrical tape over the other microphone.Now with the pressure from the  added padding (electrical tape) you have just defeated any girlfriend, boyfriend, government agency, or hacker group. trying to remote spy on you!
PS. I thought of this clever idea while trying to win #jestersblackphone So I am going to call this #silentjester ! In honor of Silent Circle  and Jester!

Please note. I am not an expert so consult with an expert and your on your own. I take no responsibility for this.

Creating a new Journalist Encryption Alert Level

Working on a new way to bring awareness of encryption for journalists. Today, I introduce an open source idea.  I call it #journalistzero. Each morning we look at the current local and global society and formulate why we believe that encryption is neccessary.

While I firmly believe everything should be encrypted, I feel if we create a number system as to why people should encrypt, it will give the public and journalists more reasons to do so.

THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL...Remember encrypt everything!

Journalist Encryption level for Knox County...

Currently: Red

Situation or reason: Multiple high profile open source (openly reported in media) ongoing federal  investigations.

Suggestions: At this time it is highly advisable to encrypt all phone communicatications. 
At this time I have done the following.
a)Rooted Android

b)Backed up all data to the cloud (phone numbers and contact info via people calling me on Silent Circle app is not backed up, rather it is destroyed.

c) Strengthened the Kernal, 

d) Mobile: Installed VPNs, multiple walls of protection, multiple antivirus apps (paid), 

e) Home: I ran a number of scans on computer.