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Friday, September 26, 2014

Can journalists modify http://www.wheresgeorge.com/ to be an awesome encryption tool?

OK, I'm going to ask an interesting question...Can journalists use the website http://www.wheresgeorge.com/ to communicate via encryption? Think about it. A journalist can create an algorithm of their choice. Share the algorithm with with their source...then months down the road use their algorithm to write in code! Example both parties agree the algorithm will be set at the 5-8th dollar bill entered in on that day.  It seams kind of simple. Thoughts?

PS this is just an idea...it has not been tested...your on your own...I am not an expert!



  1. Interesting Idea. I think you mean, use some particular bill info (like the serial number) as the key to encrypt and decrypt the message? I think there are easier ways to develop and share encryption keys. As long as you're only using the info on the site as a key, that's fine and you're not entering invalid data into the site just for the purpose of creating keys.

  2. Sorry for the confusion. No tampering or even non tampering could, should, or would be possible. Right now in theory I would use the website as a random number generator. If I skew it, for example, I place my numbers in instead of someone else...Then it ain't random.
    In fact, I been thinking about it and I would probably combine like an Ebay or maybe even a particular stock price at a certain time of day to truly make it random. Again, this is just an in theory idea. The reason I picked your site is because of the large amount of data on it. With numbers that are clear and easy for people to understand. Once again, let me make this clear...I am in no way suggesting manipulating data in any shape way or form!

  3. Ok, cool. And thanks. Also, stock prices would be hard to pin down between two different people.. prices change by the millisecond. Also, network latency, delay, etc.